Outreach Campaign on Mediation

06.03.2017 // The Norwegian Ambassador, Mr. Per Strand Sjaastad took part in the outreach campaign on Mediation as part of efforts to strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo.


The information campaign was a collaboration between College ILIRIA, the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) and the Ministry of Justice - Mediation Commission.

During his speech, the Ambassador emphasized that "strong legislation and advanced judicial system is not enough – justice must be accessible for everyone, on equal terms. It is therefore important that we focus on alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation."

You can read the whole statement here: Statement by Ambassador Per Strand Sjaastad.

diploma mediation outreach campaign

President of the College ILIRIA, Prof. Reçi Mixhait, thanked the representatives for their support provided for capacity building and improvement of the justice system in Kosovo. He underlined that strengthening of the judicial system is a very important process for the future of the country.


mediation campaign 

Students at College ILIRIA held a simulation of a mediation session, where they presented the procedures and steps that are followed by the mediators in the process of dispute between the parties.


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